Outdoor Shading Solutions – Pergolas vs. Patios

Outdoor Shading Solutions – Pergolas vs. Patios

Everyone wants their outdoor living area to be beautiful and comfortable, and with time, it becomes a priority to have the perfect outdoor entertaining space.

In Australia, people aim to build an outdoor area that can be useful all year round no matter what the weather is. Whether sun in the hot summer or snow in the winters, pergolas, patios, and other awnings provide an ideal solution to relax and unwind. All of them look fabulous and serve their purpose.

Adam’s Awnings is a leading awning provider in Sydney, and many of our customers find it difficult to decide if they should install a pergola or go with a patio. To help you make an informed choice, we have come up with some significant knowledge about the two that would help you choose the right structure for your outdoor space.

Why Choose Pergolas in Sydney?

Pergolas are constructed from timber and require more maintenance. They are designed with four-columns supporting the rectangular-shaped free-standing structure. The main visual difference between patio and pergola is their roofs. The roof of the pergola is flat and open made of horizontal planks of woods.

Pergolas Sydney provides for the light, airy, and inviting space to relax and dine in the summer evenings. They provide shade from the sun and the right structure so vines can grow along the horizontal planks of wood on the roof.

The decorative vines grown along the horizontal planks make for a stunning transition of your outdoor space which looks graceful. You can consult with your awning provider and get some ideas about installing an impressive pergola Sydney in your property.

Why Install Patios in Sydney?

Have a quite similar design to pergolas Sydney. Patios also have four support posts, but comes with better options for roofing. Patios are appropriate for the dining and recreation that perfectly integrates into your garden, creating an outdoor room. Moreover, it can provide adequate protection from snow, rain, and sun.

Patios are quite different from pergolas, as they are made from solid structures such as steel which makes them a durable option than pergolas.

The roof design of the patio comes in variety, from dome roofs to pointed structures and in different materials to suit your home and decor. With design versatility and multi-purpose options, patios can be used as an extra bathroom and bedroom at home.

Also, patios are now installed with features like built-in speakers, TV, and audiovisual equipment which makes it ideal for dining, events, and lots of entertainment. We can say that it is a comfortable outdoor place that is designed for luxury and peaceful environment.

Are you planning to renovate your home? Explore the selection of outdoor living extensions offered by Adam’s Awnings. We are one of the trusted home improvement specialist companies in Sydney and provide expert advice on designing carports Sydney, patios, and pergolas.

Whether you are looking for a gazebo, a screened enclosure, a patios Sydney, or an awning, we make it all. Our team of professionals will pay a visit to your home and analyse the space which is required to be refurbished before moving ahead with the construction phase.

We work day in and day out to keep you satisfied and happy so, if you are looking forward to getting your outdoor space a whole new look contact Adam’s Awnings!