Things You Should Keep in Mind When Using a Very Old AC Equipment

Things You Should Keep in Mind When Using a Very Old AC Equipment

AC units are an integral part of modern homes. These devices keep our living space comfortable and serve us for many years.

It’s a well-known fact that air conditioning installation usually comes with 12 to 15 years of the service period. However, every AC equipment cannot sustain its efficacy for a long tenure. Due to the lack of timely repair and proper maintenance, many air conditioners fail to complete their estimated lifespan, leading to costly replacements.

Leading HVAC experts suggest that if you use your device cautiously, you can use your equipment for many years to come. Here’s what you can do to ensure stress-free working for an old AC equipment.

Start with inspecting your AC

If you just remembered your AC has turned 10+ and is giving you hints, get up and check your system. Look if there’s some damaged part that prevents it from working correctly.

Is it the air filter causing issues? Over time it gets clogged with dust and other particles. It’s healthy to replace air filters every three months for your AC.

Avoid over-utilising the equipment

Your AC can maintain its efficiency even after completing the life span, but only if YOU are the one to use it. The walls, furniture, and other appliances in your house don’t require cool air to survive the blazing summers.

Allow your AC to rest for a while when not in use. It’s better if you turn it off at regular intervals, usually when the sun takes a break from grilling you.

Don’t forget to clean the condenser

If warm air is not released outside, how would the cold air make its place in your home? An AC condenser relies on its coils to release the hot air outside. If they fail to work correctly, your AC will disappoint you, ultimately leading to a permanent break on its service.

Ensure proper cleaning of your condenser, wiping off all the debris that has found a safe place to accommodate. Rinse it thoroughly with a strong stream of water.

Insulate your home well

You would not want to share your cool air with the outside heat, right? If so, close the doors and windows in your house while using your AC equipment. The reason being, your AC has to work harder to get over the burning winds from outside.

Ensure complete insulation if you can. Curtains and blinds can help you keep away even the thin layers of warm air to come inside your house.

Invest in air conditioning maintenance

There’s no bad in being prepared for the worst. Timely air conditioning service sessions are your best bet to keep your old AC fit and fine. Even after ensuring proper care, your AC equipment may refuse to cooperate.

In such cases, the chances of a breakdown are higher. AC maintenance professionals kind of give a new life to your unit, tweaking its performance to last longer.

Give us a call to curate a tailored air conditioning maintenance agreement for you.

At Ausmech Air conditioning, we create customised maintenance plans to look after your AC’s functioning. Our technicians have hands-on experience in cleaning and servicing your equipment for all types of damage.